Fur Friend

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ST Bowrain Boots / ZARA top / ZARA seamed jeans 

Everybody loves faux fur and so do I! It’s totally hot this winter and I’m sure you’re going to need it when it’s getting way too cold. And as the inspiring Karl Lagerfeld said: “you cannot fake chic but can be chic and fake fur”. I’ll totally agree with him, you will absolutely look chic and stunning in it! Perfect for a special day out. Plus.. It’s something different from the long trench coat you might already have hanging in your closet. You can wear it with everything you like. Fur makes every outfit looks stylish!

I love to wear my vintage fur jacket during cold days w/ my all time favourite ST Bowrain Boots, which I practically want to wear everyday. I think everybody needs to have that one pair of shoes you would actually live in, do you have those?

I did a quick research for you guys to see where you can get your own best fur friend. Click on the links below to see what I found.

Maison Scotch

There is a new outfit post coming up this week, so stay tuned!!



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