Holiday season

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Maison Michel hat / Maison Scotch classic long tailored jacket / Givenchy ankle bootsStyligion white skater dress Styligion FLICK round sunglasses VALENTINO Va Va Voom bag / ZARA combined leather glove / Tiffany&Co Hinged Bangle / Stella McCartney crepe dress

It’s December already!! So that means: the holiday season is about to start! A season full of cold snowy days, love, presents, family time, dressing up, special dinners and good company. A period I look forward to every year!

The Dutch tradition is coming up first on Thursday the 5th, when all the children are waiting for presents from, child’s best friend, St. Nicholas every year again. I’ve got a little brother who is making wishing lists every day ever since the old man got in the Netherlands. It made me think of my own wish list. So here it is, full of fall must haves! Some of them are, unfortunately, way out of my budget though. But.. no one said a girl is not supposed to have her own dream-items! Do you have a wishing list with goodies you could dream of too?

Maybe, if you’ve got the sweetest daddy or boyfriend, you could get those items. To give them subtle hints, click on the underlined words to go to the webshops. You’re possibly the lucky one!

Enjoy this Sunday evening everyone,


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