Comfortable leather

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ZARA biker jacket / HM denim jeans / HOMIÈS sweater / ModeMusthaves glitter day slippers / Blue bag 

Hi there! I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to be online for several days, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had the time to write. I hope you all had a great 5 December for those who celebrated it!!

Today I’m mixing it up! This outfit is comfy, has a touch of the biker-look and a little bit of chic. When I was about to shoot this outfit, the weather was awful! They predicted a heavy storm. So I thought it was the perfect day to wear this statement sweater and leather jacket to make it epic. My ‘glitter day’ slippers shined this outfit up :), after all the weather was already horrible enough.

This look is comfortable to wear and due to the glitters, your outfit shines away too! It’s perfect for a quick shopping, lunch with your BFF or just another day at school. Style it off with your own colour-matching handbag and off you go.

Every time I wear these glitter slippers, my day feels better. You’ll feel absolutely glamorous, even if it’s a bad day. The statement sweater is something i really love!! It is an absolute musthave this season and it’s definitely the perfect item for a change of the coll and the classic cable-version. Wear it off with a pair of boyfriend jeans and slip-ons for a comfy cozy-day. I think every girl must have hanging her own leather jacket in her closet, it looks good on every outfit and whenever you don’t know what to wear over that simple tee; just take that leather item. It will always work!!

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Enjoy your weekend girls!


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