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ZARA knit skirt /  Fur poncho / IBANA hat bordeaux / ZARA biker jacket / ZARA leather shopper / ST Bowrain Boots 

I like wearing skirts during summer, but it’s so cold outside right now. Every other day I pick out my outfit, at first I get some skirts out of my closet.. But then I open my window and immediately start running back to my wardrobe to get some jeans in which I will feel way warmer than the skirts.

Anyway, sometimes I feel like wearing skirts despite of the cold, like today. I style this item off with my leather jacket, faux fur and Ibana hat. With my favourite boots and ZARA leather shopper, I’m ready for just another schoolday. The hat is another fall musthave of this season. It makes your outfit look chic and it’ll protect you against the cold breeze, so it’s the perfect item to face the cool weather when you’re on your way to a meeting, your friends or a party! To keep you more warm and safe but classy, wear it with a faux fur poncho over a leather jacket.

I got this grey woollen skirt from ZARA, which I practically visit at least once a week. It definitely is one of my favourite shops!! What is yours?? I saw this item hanging on the wall and I thought it would be the perfect fall item. The skirt is casual, yet chic. You can wear it on a cold winter day with panties or a day at the office, but it also goes with glitter boots and a simple top to wear to a party. Complete your look with a matching clutch and coat and you’re ready for a girls night out!

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Have fun with shopping girls,
See you soon!


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