logo delvaux copyLast weekend, when I was babysitting, my mum and dad went to Brussels with my grandfather and little brother. While I was so sorry I couldn’t go, they had stopped at this beautiful bag-store from  the brand Delvaux, to take snaps from these gorgeous items for me. This brand was founded by  Charles Delvaux in Brussels. It has timeless handmade sophisticated bags with the finest leather.

The prices are way out of my budget though, but maybe you can afford one of the beauties. Head over to their website to see their collection. Unfortunately, you cannot get these items online (yet). So if you are accidentally in the neighbourhood, make sure you step by at this shop in Brussels or at Lafayette in Paris to take a look at all these perfect bags you could literally dream of! I think I can start saving money to conquer one of these lovely items, are you with me?

Check out their website, twitter and instagram account by clicking on these links. Enjoy girls!

foto 1

foto 2

foto 4


The black bag made me think of “the carrie bag” from The Carrie Diaries. Carrie made, the only item she had from her mother who passed away, personally by painting her name on it.

Have a nice weekend!
See you soon!


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