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Zara combi playsuit / Zara coat / Mango kids Chelsea Boots / H&M clutch / Parfois sunglasses 

I’m going chic today. Do you all have those days too that you wanna dress up, wear those high heels and get your hair and make-up done perfectly.. but then it’s just a schoolday. Or those days you have to go to an important meeting or appointment, but you don’t feel like dressing up? This outfit is the perfect combination for situations like this. It is chic, yet playful.

The zara jumpsuit is girly and oh so comfortable! Wear it with leopard shoes and long coat for making this look complete. With this outfit you’ll look spit and polish. It’s suitable for a day at school, at the office, or just to step by a friend. Get your matching clutch out of your closet and you’re ready to go. Shop these items by clicking on the links!

Unfortunately, I’ll be offline for several days because of my christmas shopping trip to Berlin!! Happy holidays you all and I wish you all a merry christmas! I’ll keep you guys posted.

With love,


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