Berlin Baby!

You might have noticed I was in Berlin for a few days. It was such an amazing trip! We’ve seen a lot and oh how I love this time of the year!! Everything was wrapped in Christmas-lights and Christmas decoration, wonderful view. Simply a pleasure! There were Christmas Markets too. They sell a lot of cute things out there and they’ve lovely choco.

From ZARA to Lafayette, Berlin has it all! It’s an amazing city with a lot of history and shopping opportunities. Another great city to going to when shopping is your most favourite passtime. Lafayette is definitely my all time favourite. I do love the most chicest brands they sell in there, a real fashion Walhalla. A bit out of my budget though, but it’s a good motivation to keep on saving money for your perfect designer item.

I love photography too. And what is more fun than taking wonderful pictures in a city like this. So I brought my camera to make lots of great snaps. Take a look at the ones I picked from my collection:

foto 3

foto 1

foto 2

foto 6

foto 8


foto 4

foto 5

My next trip will be going to, the city of love: Paris!! Which is starting tomorrow, I think it’s the greatest way to start 2014 😄.
I’ll keep you posted!


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