Colourful day

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 15.25.25.png copy
1. Diagonal Alley Coat / 2. Dazzling Modifier Ring set / 3. Jagged Little Knuckle Ring / 4. Common Curtsy Dress / 5. On and Onomatopoeia Flat / 6. Wishes and Whims Bag / 7. All Tied Together necklace / 8. Beignet or Nay Hat

Last week, I was invited by ModCloth.com to participate the Uniquely You campaign. I had to create a look of my own style from items out of their web shop. I was provided with this black jacket. It looked nice and warm. But I’m missing spring and summer and I spotted all happy colours on ModCloth, so I’m longing for that season again and based this look on a pre-spring-summer-day. To colour up the black jacket these somber days, I styled this item up with green, red and blue. Now we can dream of the spring, with a little wintery twist.

Every girl feels chic in a dress, right? So do I! And how cute does this dress look? Wear it these cold days with panties and high heels or these awesome cartoon-printed slippers, which are definitely suitable for schooldays and do you’ve planned a dinner with friends after? Don’t stress out! One last check in the mirror before running into the restaurant, and you’re ready to go :).

I’m a huge fan of bow-applications and I love wearing subtle jewelry. So I styled this outfit off with the All Tied Together necklace, rings and the red Wishes and Whims bow-bag. Beanies are almost indispensable in our closet, pick the one which matches your outfit and you’ll stylishly hide the bad-hair-day or just protect your ears from the cold breeze.

Wanna shop? Click on the links above or go to their webshop: Modcloth.com 
Feel free to share your thoughts about this outfit with me!
My week of exams is starting today so I’m busy studying and will be offline for the week.
Have a nice week and I’ll see you soon! Stay tuned!



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