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Navy Blue ZARA coat / ZARA scarf / Brandy Melville tee / Brandy Melville plaid skirt / COS jacquard leather wallet / Parfois sunglasses / Biba bracelets green / L’Officiel NL magazine February issue

It seems like winter has started. The breeze is getting colder, the thermometer already hit the minus degrees and when I wake up, everything has a white glow from the freezing night. Especially now I feel like wearing skirts. I know, not the best time of the year. Cause wearing skirts these days freezes your legs off. Wear tights underneath; it will be sort of permissive.

But the day I was shooting this outfit, it was a sunny day. So I’m wearing a plaid Brandy Melville skirt with thick grey panties and grey tee. It is wintery, yet chic with the blue trench coat. I love Brandy’s style; boho but chic. They sell all comfy sweaters, pants, tees and so on. All in the same size, so you don’t have to search off the whole pile of clothes to find the right size, so handy! Really love that little shop which is only situated in Amsterdam when it comes to Holland. Make sure to step by on your shopping day or check out there website: brandymelvilleusa.com

I’m wearing these items off with my Navy Blue ZARA coat. I got it two years ago and never wore it as much as I do this year. Do you have such items, which you almost drop in a box because you never wear them and after which you bring out again to wear it almost every day, too? Well this coat is one of such items. I bought it at ZARA somewhere in Italy; because I fell in love the first second I saw it hanging on the wall, I thought it was so chic! But when I came home, I hardly ever wore it and forgot I ever bought it. But this year, when I was packing out my winter-clothes from the boxes, I realised it’s actually a timeless piece that matches with everything (besides; navy blue is always a good idea! It’ll make every outfit look chic). It’s funny don’t you think? But that was a really nice surprise, all of a sudden I got a new coat and I didn’t even have got poorer. So, if you’ve got boxes you put your season clothes in when a new one starts, and never open it again because you think you might ever wear it again, just pack it out when season starts. You might be surprised, just like me, by timeless pieces you forgot having them. And if not, ask your friends if they need anything! You probably make them happy with a vintage dress or those comfy jeans and YOU will have more space to fill up with new stuff; double win!

I styled this outfit up with my favourite booties, navy blue ZARA scarf and COS clutch. Which is very handy for all kinds of happenings; quick shopping, dinner, just a day at the office or a girls’ night out. You’re favourite lipstick? Check. Mobile phone? Ok. Cash card? Got it! All of these things fit in the little bag. That’s everything you need right? And it’s on sale now, so get yours! Take some magazines with you for the lunch-break or to share some awesome inspo with your best friend, like I did today!

Wanna shop? Click on the links! Have fun shopping.
I’ll see you soon!


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