Choose Love!







NIKKIE Choose Love T-Shirt gray / NIKKIE SS13 denim shorts / ZARA leather jacket / ZARA blue scarf / Animal-printed bag / Parfois sunglasses

Hi there! Did you all enjoy your weekend? I hope so! In view of the fact that the weather was way too soft today, it seems like winter is keeping his butt away from us. And spring is taking him over. I felt like wearing shorts again, because I really miss that. So I thought: bring it on those NIKKIE SS13 shorts. Panties underneath, animal-prints, leather jacket on top, favourite scarf around my neck, sunglasses upon my head and I was ready for this sunny day!

This look is perfectly suitable for a night out. Comfy booties, statement tee, matching clutch and you’re ready to dance the night away. I got this “Choose Love” shirt from the NIKKIE-collection, which is custom made for dance4life. This is a worldwide organization which is trying to help the world fight against HIV and AIDS. By buying this t-shirt, a part of the amount is going to dance4life. With this purchase you don’t only have a new it-shirt, you will also contribute to the project. I think that’s a great deal!! Wear it off with anything you like; leather pants, a pair of jeans, skort, skirt, shorts, etc. You’ll never have a problem on a day you don’t know what to wear :).

See you soon!


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