SPECIAL: guest writer Kristen Kauffman from ALLBrandsGlasses.com

On a Budget? We’ve Got Stylish Options for You!
You don’t need a lot of money to make your style really pop. Sometimes you can see some really great style inspirations and find economical alternatives. Does everyone need to know what the bottom dollar was? No -that is, not unless you want to brag about what a deal you got. If you want to see some great stylish options for your budget, take a look.

Tip 1: Don’t Overestimate Celebs’ Bottom Dollar

As reported on People’s Style Watch, Brooklyn Decker doesn’t pay a lot for some of her pieces, either. Take this crop top for instance: it’s on sale for $34.93 at Express. Here’s your tip: find celebrity style icons who have your approximate budget. Even The Duchess of Cambridge shops at The Gap (as reported from US Weekly).

Tip 2: Know Where to Shop
Don’t J. Lo’s stylin aviator’s look great? Too bad they’re gold-plated Gucci’s that go for $1195. Just by knowing where to shop, you can get similar Gucci’s for under $300. 

Tip 3: Go Green

Elle Magazine has projected that trench coats are one of the biggest fashion trends for Spring. Take a look at these most loved trench coats: some are new and some are really classic. So why not go green? Make one of the most environmentally conscious and financially economic choices, and shop at a thrift store, the Goodwill, or your local consignment store. Pieces like this look classic and you can find a classic, vintage piece that you’ll pay under $20 for -instead of $1079.

Tip 4: DIY
How many of you were inspired by Kate Spade’s Keds design? But if you’re on a budget, you don’t want to pay $75 for a pair of sneakers, right? So why not DIY?


With the tools required for the DIY project, your Keds can run between $15-20 instead of $75.

6About Author:
Kristen Kauffman is fashion writer and blogger, and has written nationally-credited blogs on style trends, products, and weddings. Located in Prescott, Arizona, most blogs make fashion simple, affordable, and accessible.



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