Stunning Santorini

I’m back from my vacation in Greece and what can I say about this beautiful Island Santorini.. Some fellow traveller said: “it’s a special island” and I couldn’t agree more, I’m still reminiscing! With its own history and its tiny white houses, which reflects the sunbeams right back at the sun, nice people, its beautiful little volcano islands and its bright blue Caldera, where boats and cruises crosses every day, its own produced wine and other specialties, Santorini sure is worth visiting. If you’re going for some rest and an amazing view in Imerovigli, the nightlife in Fira, or a fancy stay in Oia, there is something for everyone!

This island is not that big and that is just why I like it. You can vary between some days of rest at the beach and some adventure days, by touring with a hired car, motor, quad or just by local busses. Trust me; a ride over the island is an impressive experience by itself. There are also various boat trips over the Caldera, with stops at the volcano island ‘Nea Kameni’ to swim in the hot springs and to make a beautiful walk on the Vulcan. But if you only want to see the Vulcan, you can also go by ferry. There is also a possibility to visit the ancient city Thira, sky high on one of the rocks. I really loved the popular city Oia, with its cute little shops, restaurants with view and amazing sunset. But I also liked the busy capital Fira, with its many tiny little streets and its busy harbour, which you first have to conquer almost 600 steps if you don’t take a donkey-ride or the cableway. Another city I really loved is Emborio, it is not very touristy, yet beautiful. That makes this city very special and different from the others. It sure is a real labyrinth, where you can be lost if you don’t know the way through its many little white streets along tiny white houses. In this city is the originality of the buildings guaranteed, really worth visiting too!

As you can read in my latest post, I took many pictures. And after dozens of selections I still can’t choose, Santorini is so photogenic! Are you going with me through my little photo diary?

WOW, from the first day I fell in love with this view, how amazing! A real blue paradise!

foto 1
Funny decoration, isn’t it? Great alternative if you can’t handle a goodbye to old jeans.

I ran into this beauty when conquering the steps in Fira, fashionable accessory though!

Blue domes, white underneath, this island has plenty!



So white, so clean, so…


White streets, white houses, pretty as hell.


t copy
Some art in town.


Cuteness all over!

Panorama Oia, breathtaking.

The sleeping crocodile; Thirasia island.


Take me to the other side.

A little bit of heaven.

foto 2
Oh, this little bookshop is so cute!

Sea, bare feet, salty hair and sun. All you need for a day of relaxing.

Palm trees, ocean breeze, salty air, sun kissed hair, take me there!

I went on a jeep safari the other day and we drove through this beautiful piece of nature, It felt like I was in the Savanna.


s copy
Church bells everywhere!

Wonderful walk on volcano island Nea Kameni.

u copy
Like this cute little restaurant!

How cute is this house in Oia? Wish it was mine!


This sunset takes you to a new day of happiness.


And when the night falls…

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See you soon!


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