The bralette

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Abercrombie Jeans / ZARA leather mocassin / ZARA leather jacket / Urban Outfitters Honeydrew Lace Bralette / InFront see-through shirt. 

Hi there dear fashion lovers, I’m back on track! After a long time I’m picking up the shooting again! Today I’m going to talk about the bralette. These days your not only allowed to show the cutest shirts and classy coats, but you may also show your cutest and hottest lingerie to the world!

I’d like to see the bralette layered with a see-through shirt. It is classy, yet sexy. Perfect for a night out, dinner with friends, or just to lounging around in during your day off. Style it off with some hot jeans and boots for the everyday-look, or wear it with a pencil skirt and high heels for the chic look! Match it with the most beautiful jewelry you have, take your night-out clutch and off you go! I gurarantee you’ll make all those heads turned! Hit the dance floor pretty girl!

Wanna shop? Just click on the links.
Coming up soon: pearls everywhere!
Have a nice week!

See you soon


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