Romantic Rome

Hi there dear fashion lovers,

New Year, new beginnings: a happy, lovely and fashionable new year to all of you! Leaving the good and the bad behind in 2014 while dancing the night away at the NYE parties you guys might probably had and may all your wishes come true in 2015, make it a great one! It’s been a while ago when I aired a post, so I really hope you all had a great holiday-season. Spending time with your loved ones is the best time of the year! I also spent the holidays with my family and friends (hopefully I could show you my Christmas- and NYE-outfit soon!), and when I wake up at the first day of the New Year I’m so sad it’s over.

In the meantime I visited the Romantic Italian city; Rome. Once again I’ve seen so many beautiful things I would show you. So my camera collected a bunch of gorgeous shots. When you’re planning on going to Rome, you don’t need to be a philistine. This city contains plenty of cultural items; you can kind of tell the city itself is already a museum without attending anything. It has so many impressive buildings. But, when it comes to the shopping-part; you better conquer Oxford Street in London or the Champs-Élysées in Paris. Of course you can find many designer-stores and fancy restaurants and cafes in Via dei Condotti, nearby Piazza di Spagna, and when you have less money to spend; there are also cute little boutiques and brand stores such as ZARA, Brandy Melville etc. As much as I love buying new items for my closet, I could also get happy of seeing beautiful things. That’s exactly what this city is suited for!

Are you going with me through my little travel-diary?foto
While we were visiting the Colosseum, my brother and I got caught while staring at something. I was wearing my favourite leather jacket and faux fur vest.





I think I, most of the time, have walked with my eyes focused on the ceiling. A lot of credits for the artists! I always wonder how they work on those pieces. It is not a normal kind of workplace..


Rome also has a lot of sculptures and they are one by one all beautiful. In the second picture you see guardians, keeping an eye on the entrance next to the Saint Peter’s Church. They barely even move, so it seems like they’re just another piece of the furniture.

The fountains in this city are definitely worth looking at. Unfortunately, they were renovating the famous Fontana di Trevi (I guess I found a reason to go back :)).

foto 3


foto 5

foto 4
Windows and the right incidence of natural light delivers wonderful snapshots.

foto 7
When walking through the streets of Rome, you’ll find a lot of artists and entertainers. This guy did something with graffiti spray and… fire; to give his artworks some glossy layer.


Like I already said before: Rome city is a museum itself. There are so many cute little lanes and outside paintings!



At night, all the buildings in Rome are lit up like this. It gives an amazing and romantic view; perfect for a night-walk! And during the holidays, you’ll also see Christmas decoration of course.

foto 8
Everything comes to an end. I flew back home at the first day of Christmas and that brought me to this amazing view!

See you soon! 💋


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