Shine Bright




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Sisters Point Dress / ZARA Blazer / MelanO & TiSento Rings / Necklace LUZ accessories

Now, when normal life has begun, and when most of the students spending their time in the library or behind the desk to study for the upcoming exams, I miss the cosy December times even more. Although you might not be in the mood, I’m going to talk about my perfect night-out party dress. It gives me much more the feeling that, after my exams, I’m allowed to dress up again very soon.

I wore this dress while celebrating Christmas with my family and it sure is my new favourite party-item in my closet. It is the perfect item to wear at parties, on holidays like Christmas or even NYE. You’ll definitely shine up the evening because of all the glitters this dress has and it’s simple, yet sexy. Just how I like an item to be. Because of the open back, this dress gives you a touch of sexiness. Less is more! So despite of wearing a back necklace and a set of simple rings, there’s no need for any more accessories. Perfect when you’re in a hurry before heading to a party, you’ll be ready in one snap! Style it off with some high heels and a classy coat or leather moccasins and leather jacket, just how I like it to wear, when going to a family-party or a girl’s-night-out. A little bit cold for these days maybe, but it’s worth it! Enter the party and shine bright like a diamond!

Did this made the terrible feelings for studying more bearable? In my case, it worked!
See you soon!


One thought on “Shine Bright

  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    i completely sympathize with the studying problems ❤ love your whole dress. the shades are amazing and the necklace is gorgeous!
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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