Weekend essentials


foto 1
Love Stories Intimates bralettes / LUZ accessories necklace / Brandy Melville necklace / CHANEL lipstick/ NL Vogue 

On this lazy Sunday I was recovering from my all-day studying weeks, with my favourite weekend essentials. I love to lounge around in my favourite intimates, comfy pants and my favourite sweater with high neck; reading magazines for more inspiration and drawing all day.

As well as the famous Victoria’s Secret, we have our own Dutch brand Love Stories Intimates. I guess it’s my number one favourite. The collection is full of cute, but not less sexy, items. All items are comfortable to wear and they have lovely prints. Apart from the intimates, I love to wear my little necklaces. Even on Sundays; it gives you the feeling that you’re not totally slouch around. Same reason for the lipstick. Or, when red is maybe too heavy, I often use my coloured lip balm.

These items are perfect on days you don’t have to do anything at all, right? How does your perfect Sunday looks like?

See you soon!


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