São Miguel

New week, new weather! And how I hate those rainy days here, so it’s the perfect day to review my trip to the Azores. I visited one of the 9 islands of the Azores-group; São Miguel. When you need a total relax-vacation, this island will definitely be a good choice. It has an amazing nature and that brings you to wonderful views and nice walks down the lakes. This place has its charm by not having busy and overpopulated cities; São Miguel has tiny peaceful villages instead and that’s even lovelier.

However this island doesn’t have that much shops in its cities (actually, the villages don’t have plenty to offer; there are not even much local people on the streets), and as much as I love shopping, the islands breath-taking nature has topped that off for the week. Let’s see if you agree with me 🙂 (see pictures below).

With love,


Lagoa do Fogo


Tea-plantation Porto Formoso


foto 15

From the 9th until the 12th of July, the local people had a religion-related celebration. There were all kinds of traditional activities in the city, very impressive.

foto 16

Every view is wonderful on this island, and most of all: green!


foto 3


Have you ever seen a pineapple-plantation?! I didn’t; until this day, I thought they were growing on trees haha..




foto 14

foto 11

foto 9

Beauty also shows itself in the little things

foto 17

foto 2

foto 5

Thought this was some fireplace? Wrong! It’s a natural hot water spring, this island has plenty!

foto 6

foto 13

foto 10

foto 8

foto 1

Sometimes you’ll find cute little coloured houses in the cities

foto 12


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